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Let Alberta Trail of the Buffalo Tourism Association take you back in time to visit some of Alberta’s best historical sites and attractions.



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The Region
Located in east central Alberta, the Trail of Buffalo encompasses nearly 50 villages and towns, including Hanna, Stettler and Wainwright. Named for the vast herds of plains bison that once roamed the region, the Trail of Buffalo is now home to a number of bison ranches. Fittingly, Canada’s largest buffalo statue resides in the town of Wainwright.

Take In All of the History
In addition to tourist attractions like Canada’s largest buffalo statue, and the world’s largest lamp (located in the town of Donalda), the region is also home to a number of historical attractions. Historical churches, retired coal mines, Métis communities and aboriginal cultural sites are found throughout the region. Notable attractions include the Stettler Museum, the site of the first grain elevator in Alberta, and the medicine wheel at Rumsey.Check Your Route Before You Leave
Given the large size of the region, it will take several days to explore all the area has to offer. There are a number of hotels, as well as bed and breakfasts in the area. While most of the municipalities in the region are able to provide accommodations to tourists, some of the smaller villages do not. It’s best to plan your route ahead of time so that you don’t find yourself without a place to stay.