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CNIB (Canadian National Institute For The Blind)

12010 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T5K 0P3


Here is your opportunity to help someone who is blind or visually impaired. Become a volunteer with the CNIB today.



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Office: 8:30AM-4:30PM Shop: 9AM-4PM

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Around Since 1918
The CNIB became a chartered non profit organization in 1918 and has been making a positive impact on communities ever since. As the number of seniors in the population increases, so does the number of visually impaired. The Canadian National Institute for the Blind helps those who are going through the difficult transition of losing their sight by providing the education and the resources that they will need to get through their daily lives.

How They Can Help
The institute offers many programs to help those dealing with blindness. They have programs to help parents and kids from birth to age 4, employment assistance, readiness assessments, placement services and basic help like how to deal with blindness and normal everyday tasks. The goal is to get those who are visually impaired to be able to live as independently as possible. The expert staff also offer the technical support necessary to convert the homes of those afflicted to meet their particular needs.

A Shop That Makes Life Easier
They also run a shop for all the needs of the blind. Some of their products can make daily life much more manageable. They have things like; Braille books, canes, TV Magnifer screens and much more.

Get Involved
If you’d like to get involved, helping the blind and those who are visually impaired is an excellent cause. Even if you only have a few hours a week to give, there are programs and activities for which volunteers are always needed.