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Hawrelak Park

9330 Groat Road, Edmonton, AB, T5M 3J9


Named after one of Edmonton's most controversial mayors, Hawrelak Park is one of the river valley's most popular rec areas.



Neighbourhood | Central
Getting There | Near the intersection of Groat Road and Emily Murphy Park Road, south of the Mayfair Gold and Country Club, you can't miss it.
Cross Street | Groat Road and Emily Murphy Park Road

Profile Last Updated: March 12, 2008

The Background
An old city map once showed plans for a grand housing subdivision on what is now William Hawrelak Park. It's a good thing those plans never made it off the drawing board. Hawrelak Park is one of the gems of Edmonton's river valley parks system. There's easy bike access from Laurier Park and Valley Zoo, and there's both trail and road access to nearby Emily Murphy Park. The park ring road lets visitors find picnic sites and other attractions with ease.

The Draw
The physical centerpiece of the park is a man-made lake that is home to ducks, geese and gulls in summer. Paddleboat rentals let park visitors explore the lake. In winter, the lake becomes a large open-air skating pond, and it is regularly cleaned and flooded. Skate rentals are available, as well as hot drinks and snacks from a concession stand. The most visible structure in the park is the Heritage Amphitheatre, home to the Heritage Festival, Shakespeare in the Park, the Brightnights Festival and Symphony Under the Sky. Hawrelak Park is located at 9930 Groat Road. Picnic sites can be booked by calling 496-4999.


Nearby: It only takes a few minutes on foot to get to Buena Vista and Laurier Parks from Hawrelak Park. There are also trail connections to Emily Murphy and Kinsmen Parks.

Picnic anyone?: Picnic sites can be booked by calling (780) 496-4999.

Tip: Pets are not allowed