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Roadking Travel Centre Strathcona

26 Strathmoor Drive, AB, T8H 2B6

780-464-1600 Fax: 780-417-9449

A monolithic truck stop with amenities galore.

Category: Hotels


Accommodation Type | Apartment Hotel
Payment | Account, Interac, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Cash


Neighbourhood | Sherwood Park
Cross Street | Yellowhead Highway, Broadmoor Boulevard


daily, 24 hours

Profile Last Updated: May 10, 2007

A Truck Stop and More
When you think of a truck stop you think of a small gas station with a shoddy restaurant. In that respect, the Roadking Travel Centre shouldn’t even be called a truck stop. However, if you’re speaking technically, the Roadking is a truck stop—that is, in the same way that a filet mignon and a frozen dinner are both meals. They both serve the same basic purpose, but one is just far more advanced. The Roadking has a Shell, a Robin’s Donuts, an Albert’s Homestead restaurant and lounge, a McDonald’s, a general store and a nice, accommodating inn to lay your head down comfortably—that is, if you aren’t too overwhelmed by what all that is encompassed in what you thought was a usual, run-of-the-mill truck stop and hotel.

Keep on Truckin’
Whether you’re on a long road trip or hauling a load across the country, you have to stop sometime. Why not stop somewhere that will combine all of your re-fueling needs in one convenient stop? A meal, a coffee and some donuts, a nap, some magazines, some fuel, high-speed internet access, a workout—you can find it all at the Roadking. Why stop longer or more often than you have to? The monolithic proportions of the Roadking should make it easy to see, but just in case you decide to blink for a minute or two (which isn’t recommended while driving), it is located on Strathmoor Drive and the Trans-Canada Highway.