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Ukrainian Shumka Dancers

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The Ukrainian tradition continues with Shumka's whirlwind performances.



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Office Hours can vary; but are generally from the hours of 9:30AM – 4PM

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Whirlwind on Stage
Watching the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers blaze through one of their high-paced finales, it's easy to understand why they chose that name. Shumka literally means whirlwind in Ukrainian, and this energetic troupe creates a tornado on stage during their show-stopping hopak routines. Shumka was established in the 1960s to celebrate Ukrainian dance, and has since developed a loyal following across Canada and around the world.

School of Dance
Shumka also runs a school of dance, where at the tender ages of 3 or 4 our little one can start to learn how to be a whirlwind. The instructors here tend to not only be trained in Ukrainian dance, but also know ballet or a few other dance types. The children can take recreational courses, or, if they’re more dedicated, they can enter the professional curriculum.

Modern Meets Historic
Shumka shows are diligently researched; costumes and dance reflect a particular regional culture from The Ukraine. Audiences as far away as Moscow and Kiev have enjoyed Shumka's unique blend of folk and modern dance and theatre. Television audiences have also been treated to filmed versions of their successful 1995 production of Absolutely Shumka on the CBC and Bravo networks. Every year, young dancers audition for the chance to join this renowned dance troupe and learn the intricacies of Ukrainian dance.


School: 780-452-5012

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